Historical Banks, Shops and Casino Thefts

There are a lot of crimes that never really receive any significant public attention. However, there are others that make such an impact and involve huge amounts of money being stolen that they instantly become talk of the town.

Famous Casino Thefts

There are a lot of business entities that end up with a lot of money on their premises at any given point of time. One of these is the casinos. This automatically makes them a target for theft, but most of the security measures these entities have in place are state of the art.

There have actually happened a few renowned casino thefts but one that many are aware of is the Jose Vigoa at the Bellagio. Joe along with two counterparts simply breached the cashier cage counter. This trio managed to heist about $160,000 cash along with some casino chips but it wasn’t long before they were caught.

This type of robbery is not the one that online casinos who offer mobile casino game playing have to worry about.

Famous Bank Robberies

Banks are also easy targets for robbers but more often than not, they get caught in a very short period of time. Among the famous bank robberies is the Banco Central Robbery in Brazil that amounted to a $70 million dollar theft.

Shop Robberies

Closer to home and focusing on the UK, one of the most famous and historical robberies among several was the Graff Jewellers robbery that took place in London in 2009. These thieves made off with £40m.

While no business can be totally robbery proof, focusing on the best security measures is the best way to help deter this type of unfortunate incident. It all begins with the entrance doors that must have good locks on them. While there are many to choose from, the degree of security needed helps to dictate which locks are the best.

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