How Locks Work to Keep Your Home Safe

Everyone knows that good locks are needed on the doors of their houses to keep the premises safe and secure. What some don’t really understand is how the different locks work.

Locks come in different designs with different locking mechanisms. The type you choose to determines the level of security that you are putting in place for your home.

Pin and Tumblers

This type of lock is comprised of a series of pins and tumblers. The pins are loaded with a spring. Then each pin is loaded into a cylinder. When a user inserts a key into this lock, the key lifts the pins and the spring is compressed. The key allows the pins to line up properly and allows the lock to enter the unlock mode.

Side Locking Mechanisms

This is a new technology that has been recently developed and cuts down on lock bumping techniques that are often used by thieves. Lock bumping consists of a special key used that can unlock a door lock even though the lock has not been designed for that specific key.

Tubular Locking Mechanisms

These are very common but should only be used for interior doors. The components for these locks are comprised of a key tumbler locking mechanism but are often comprised of just a button to turn the lock or one that pushes it in.

Mortise Locks

These locks have a pocket built within their structure and they have a double locking mechanism that consists of a latch bolt and a deadbolt.

Not being a lock expert may make it difficult for you to choose the best lock for your particular door. If you insist on buying quality locks made by well-known manufacturers, you will find enough information available about them to help you make an informed decision on the internet.

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